Some Pics From The Grove

n1527205002_30135020_4046.jpg picture by Waukonbasketball

National Anthem

n1527205002_30135060_5189.jpg picture by Waukonbasketball

Meyer and Berger awaiting opponents FT’s

n1527205002_30135049_1912.jpg picture by Waukonbasketball

Berger for the Bucket and the Foul

n1527205002_30135046_1055.jpg picture by Waukonbasketball

Reiser pressuring the ball

n1527205002_30135044_467.jpg picture by Waukonbasketball

Klinge and team in a timeout

n1527205002_30135038_8760.jpg picture by Waukonbasketball

n1527205002_30135056_3994.jpg picture by Waukonbasketball

Hjerleid pressuring the point

n1527205002_30135039_9049.jpg picture by Waukonbasketball

Reiser, Herman, Berger, defending the inbounds play


If anyone has more pictures they would like to add be sure and let us know.  Should be more to come throughout the rest of the year


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